by BarcelonaJS

24. May 2014
Mobile World Centre, C/ de Fontanella, 2, Barcelona

A one day conference about the JavaScript mobile revolution. Talks, demos, workshops, expert tables with test devices, and more packed into a single day of JavaScript awesomeness.

Una conferència d'un dia sobre les possibilitats del JavaScript a l'entorn mòbil. Hi haurà xerrades, demos, tallers i llocs de trobada amb experts que mostraran en viu diferents dispositius mòbils amb l'última tecnologia JavaScript.

Una conferencia de un día, con motivo de la revolución móvil, usando JavaScript como vehículo de desarrollo; habrán charlas, demos, tallers y mesas de expertos con dispositivos y mas, todo en un dia de JavaScript.

@bcnjs / #mobilejs

Organised by BarcelonaJS for the community. Attendance is free, but tickets are required and limited.

Organitzat des de BarcelonaJS per a la comunitat. L'entrada és lliure però cal registrar-se per qüestions d'aforament i logística.

Organizado desde BarcelonaJS para la comunidad. La entrada es gratuita sin embargo tener un ticket será obligatorio para poder asistir.


Registration & Coffee
Apache Cordova, PhoneGap, and rapid mobile development. Andrew Savory
The Ionic Framework. Sergio Gimeno
Coffee break
Your app is not your product. Sarah Rink
UX mobile patterns in Titanium. Javier Rayón, Sonia Villanueva de Azcona
Lunch break
Connecting your Arduino through mobile networks, a practical demo. Javier Zorzano.
Panel Discussion - Mobile Applications and the Mobile Web
Coffee break
Growth hacking for mobile. Andree Huk
Mobile web: pushing hard for browsers modernisation. Francisco Jordano
Finish & Beers

@bcnjs / #mobilejs


Javier Rayón

Freelance mobile developer using Appcelerator Titanium since 2010. Expert in Appcelerator technologies, including Titanium, Alloy, Appcelerator Cloud Services (ACS) and iOS modules development.

Sonia Villanueva de Azcona

UXer & strategy consultant for +10 years, who aims to be inspired with design, strategy and technology. She is founder of noneko, a design studio based in Madrid focused on complex and significative projects for innovative tech-driven companies.

Andrew Savory

Andrew is a Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager for Mobile at Adobe. He provides a bridge between engineering and the wider world. Prior to Adobe, Andrew spent several years working in a mobile consortium building mobile platforms. He is passionate about open source and is a member of the Apache Software Foundation.

Francisco Jordano

Francisco is crazy about web technologies and the web. With several years of experience in mobile web, has been expending the last 2 years working in Firefox OS and the Mozilla family, helping with the core applications and operating system. Passionate about the web and sharing knowledge, loves to teach and learn every single day.

Javier Zorzano

Javier Zorzano is a telecommunications engineer, leading the Telefonica Physical Internet Lab. This lab, working between Madrid and Barcelona, aims to democratize the Internet of Things, opening it to developers, entrepeneurs, companies and even general public.

Sergio Gimeno

Sergio a freelance web/mobile developer at Agilogy and one of the AngularJS-Barcelona group organizers. He's been using PhoneGap/Cordova since 2011 and playing around with many HTML5 single-page and mobile frameworks such as jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch, Backbone or AngularJS.

Sarah Rink

Lean UX specialist who has designed products used by millions of users around the world for companies like Samsung, The Times & Sunday Times and ninemsn. She currently works with a number of local startups, to help them rapidly create and explore new products and experiences for their users. She is also founder of SocialToy.

Andree Huk

Product + User Experience fanatic, grew from a small user base to 5+ million actives, co-hosted Angelhack Barcelona, founder of, co-founder + co-host of TECHDINGS.COM, the German technology show, founded and sold cargraphics, a German car-tuning ecommerce site after the .COM crash, he writes at


@bcnjs / #mobilejs



Patrick Heneise

Patrick is Software Architect, engineering (mobile) solutions from server side services and APIs in node.js to html5 apps in JavaScript. He organises BarcelonaJS and the Couchbase Group Barcelona.

Alina Mierlus

Alina is a geek and web developer. She has been contributing to Mozilla since 2007 by helping the Romanian and Catalan teams to build a diverse community.


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